Bernd Pöppelmann
Foto: Manfred Heidenreich

Bernd Pöppelmann was born in 1946 and today lives in Steinfurt/ Northrhein- Westphalia. The vitality which is shown by the pictures of Bernd Pöppelmann, are no copies of events. The artist makes his personal view clear. Animals and landscapes are as one for Bernd Pöppelmann, and in a lot of his paintings the relation to humans is shown in a very forceful way.

The artist shows the spectator, what kind of fascination he looks upon wild living animals and lets him feel simultaneously how much the creature is threatened by civilisation. The advertising for togetherness of nature and humans, standing up for better nature conservation and for saving our creatures, in all their biological varieties, is a very big concern to the artists.
The painter actively supports nature: for 10 years he headed a drawing project for children, which took place in the nature and because of this, he received the 1982 environmental award from the town of Emsdetten.

He supports different nature conservation projects by sponsoring them through sharing the sales of his exhibitions.

Bernd Pöppelmann’s work received international attention. Nationally and internationally he was awarded for his achievements. A lot of his paintings can be found all over the world in private collections, galleries, royal houses and in museums

Wolf leckt Bernd
Foto: Tanja Askani